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Wagatails - formed in May 2018, seeks to offer a safe, reliable and flexible service for you and your furry friend. All services can be adapted to suit the needs of the customer - and their owner.  

Our pets are members of the family and whether you're going away for 2 days or 2 weeks; you want to know you're leaving them in the best of hands, with someone who will care for them the way you do. 

Day care and boarding dogs live in a home they can treat as their own, where they will receive all the love and fuss they do at home. They will stay in a 3 bedroom house with a garden, a short walk away from several parks and a very easy driving distance from the south downs. A maximum of 3 dogs will be boarded at one time (4 small dogs could be accommodated from one family). They will also share the home with 2 cats.

Smaller pets such as cats are more comfortable staying in their own home if you go away and these independent felines simply need a quick visit once or twice a day to feed and give them some fuss, as do rabbits, gerbils, birds and other small critters. 

Dog walks are adapted to suit the dogs and their energy levels - groups will be introduced to each other safely and allowed to make friends before they are let loose to play together. We will explore new walks together and your canine best friend will get outings in lots of different areas in West Sussex. 

It was my childhood dream to work with animals and Wagatails is the realisation of that ambition. I grew up with dogs and have always had them in the family; of all shapes and sizes from Rottweilers to Shih Tzu's, bouncy Boxers and the old family favourites - Labradors. 

I am qualified in pet first aid and can also offer some basic command training to your dog such as recall, loose lead walking, sitting, greeting with a paw, directing to bed or a quiet place and waiting for food. I am undergoing continual training in animal behaviour and dog training courses and the first aid qualification will be renewed annually.

Prior to Wagatails I managed various teams whilst working in the Housing sector. I spent several weeks in early 2018 volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia which reaffirmed my decision to pursue a new career working with animals.


Wagatails is fully insured and registering with Arun Council and Worthing and Adur Councils adhering to their dog walker code of conducts.


"Karie Standing is excellent with animals and I have been very happy with how she has looked after our two cats on the numerous occasions she has cat sat whilst we have been away. She doesn't just turn up, feed them and go but spends time with them making sure they are played with and given affection whilst we have been away. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for pet sitting."